The dark side of Dr. Horrible? The dark side of Joss. In the end, no real surprises. Min has it wired. And here as well. Also, interesting discussion in ShadowKat’s and Addie Logan’s LJs.

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22 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Well, if you and I agreed on everything, world domination would be no fun at all for all people out in podcast land.

  2. It was a bit of not overly-deep entertainment, and I have no problem with a dark ending, but I think Joss has gotten a bit stagnant with certain story elements and themes. So yeah, it’s not like I hated it, but you ever feel like the only one in the room who didn’t get hit by somebody’s whammy spell?

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean about the “whammy spell”, I love Joss and his work, but not uncritically. I don’t feel you have to “drink the koolaid” lock, stock and barrel in order to appreciate many things. Unfortunately some fans feel that if you have any criticism whatsoever, you are a Bad, Bad Fan.
    I appreciate especially the work of Felicia and Nathan and Neil, more than the writing, the writing is “meh”.

  4. Or, if you have a criticism, you should keep it quiet lest you “harsh their squee.” I don’t often voice my harshing of squee, so this is an interesting experience.

  5. I think it only counts as squee-harshing if you go into someone else’s LJ where they’re enthusing about it, and post negative opinions. Writing about it in your own LJ is just voicing your opinion.
    I admit, though, that one reason I’m not going to post substantively about Dr. Horrible in my own LJ is that I’m not really in the mood for a debate. Too many bad fandom experiences in that regard have made me a lot more self-protective. I’d rather read a variety of opinions elsewhere than play hostess to a heated discussion, no matter how interesting and stimulating it might prove to be.

  6. I was just about to screen the above comment lest my friends think I was talking about them. I don’t think anybody in this situation has wanted me to keep quiet. I’ve said my piece in my journal, they’ve said their piece in theirs. It’s all been very civilized.
    And I’m not at all comfortable being at odds with my friends. This is why, in my ATPo days, I kept my opinions to myself.

  7. Wow, I’d almost want to harsh someone’s squee just for using the phrase “harsh my squee”. What a silly phrase. 🙂
    I stopped watching the L-Word because I got really tired of being the only person in the room with critiques of it.

  8. Hmmm. Who were you talking to about the L-Word? I stopped talking about it because cricktets were chirping in my LJ. The I stopped watching it because I hate watching television on my computer. Now I’m wating for Season 5 to come out on DVD, at which time, I’ll have a marathon of Season 4 and 5.
    People in my limited experience did critique it, and on-line it was in the usual shallow ways, “Oh, I hate Jenny!” which, duh, you’re supposed to, most of the time. But back in SF when I had actual RL lesbian friends, it got a *lot* of critique in casual conversation. A lot of people didn’t like it for a variety of reasons.
    The watch&appreciate&yet still critique mode we often enjoy on LJ just wasn’t something I had for the L Word.

  9. Except the likelihood of me saying something controversial and then taking the time to argue its points and defend it against counterpoints is still practically nil. Did I mention I *hated* that part of philosophy grad school? I prefer constructive discussion where me and someone else work together to find a storyline’s weak points, or to shore up those weak points with plot-spackle. I prefer essays in which I Explain Stuff to those in which I Defend a POV.
    Ah, I miss those days when I *was* the salon hostess, providing a forum for, then sitting back and letting *other* people fight it out with their finely-sharpened intellectual weapons. If it got too bloody (which, honestly, it so rarely did), I simply didn’t have to read it.
    So, yeah, expect me to say one or two Deep Things. But if the discussion gets polarized, expect me to weasel out.

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