Dr. Horrible

I’ve seen several folks on my flist talking about Joss’s bit of writers’ strike fun, Dr. Horrible, so I dutifully downloaded and watched it this morning. And I have to say it’s not extremely original, for Joss. While it does have an amusing deconstructive critique of the ideals of masculinity promoted in the comic book genre, that’s not entirely original, either. It is interesting to have the comic-book tropes presented from the villain’s point of view, but with this whimsical Troika-esque villain, it is not especially enlightening. So I’m expecting, since it’s Joss, for there to be a more serious, dark turn at some point for our intrepid main character.

Which mean, yes, I’ll continue to watch, for a while.

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12 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible

  1. It is definitely Joss doing Joss. All his foibles, strengths and themes.
    I will watch also, although I will miss the third because we will be on vacation. I will find it somewhere I am sure.
    I didn’t laugh until Fillion was “riding” the bus, and wished now, that the potentials had had a musical number. She has a beautiful voice.

  2. Oh good I will get it on iTunes. I thought they were going to pull everything on a certain date.
    Either way, thanks for the heads up.

  3. It’s actually already up on iTunes. Or at least, Act I is. You can buy a “season pass” for 3.99, and it will immediately download the next two when they become available. I don’t think there’s an option to buy only 1 episode, but for that price, it seems worth it to just have the whole thing. It’ll at least tide me over till the DVD! 🙂

  4. Actually, our attempts at world domination have turned me into a pretentious reviewer. I’m ruined.

  5. Oh, a Jonathan icon! You are awesome. I miss my Andrew icons. I miss all my icons. Ever since I stopped giving money to Six Apart, I’ve had to stick with just five icons. 😦

  6. This icon works on so many levels. The Troika were Evil Geniuses, so you have that, and then of course, this is Superstar!Jonathan, who already pwned world domination, and lastly, coffee, for .

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