Happy Fourth, all! I have updated my personal page on the ATPo website with a portal to Vancouver 08 Gathering pics, which I of course ganked off all my shutter-bug-buds.

As usual, if you find a pic you’re in objectionable for some reason and want it altered or removed, speak up. But why not just let others writhe in envy vicariously enjoy the fun?

ETA: I am also cleaning up the main site, fixing the grammar, content, *&^% formatting tables, and links. Because I don’t have a zillion other projects to do this summer. Pfft! ; )

9 thoughts on “Pics!

  1. There’s a piccie in the collection of Dave with his Blackberry and I’m sitting beside him. He’s talking to you!

  2. ATPo BFFs
    I loved the pic of the filly and mama horse in the barn, and so now it’s featured on my personal page to represent Gathering ’08!

  3. Retroactive happy 4th of July! Thanks for linking to all those pics. And do you want a virtual hand w/the site’s grammar? My availability is off-&-on, but I’d be glad to help out.

  4. Oh, thanks for the offer, but I don’t want to fine-tooth it. That way lies madness, and no other diversions for the rest of the summer.

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