Two birds, one stone…..

I figured out how to solve two pesky little problems I was having by solving them at the same time: (1) finding time to read, and (2) motivating myself to exercise. Now normally, my idea of exercise is a brisk walk that actually gets me somewhere I want to go; but there’s not a lot within walking distance of my new house, and, fairly shortly, I would have to do my walking within an hour of dawn to make it at all pleasant. So since I have an allergy to gyms, I have my mom’s old exercise bike. Which is extremely boring. And there is no cable hook-up in my guest bedroom. But then I thought–that’d be the perfect time to read. Peddle away, catch thirty minutes of those novels burning a hole in my living room floor….

I’ve actually made my way through the next-to-last (next-to-next-to-last?) Dresden Files now. And am fighting those Girl Scout cookies with vigor. Yay, me.

16 thoughts on “Two birds, one stone…..

  1. i’ve done the read while biking myself. It’s about the only way to make those bikes tolerable. Am thinking about splurging on a boxflex since we actually have no gyms

  2. Dresden Files is pretty awesome. What do you think of the series so far? You tend to look at things in a very different way than I do, so I’m legitimately interested.

  3. Oh, I’ve been reading that book series for several years now. I think it’s great. I tend to gravitate towards fantasy series that take place in the “real world” but in which the supernatural is carefully hidden–stuff like BtVS, Harry Potter, etc. Dresden Files fills the bill and has interesting characters.

    And something else I like in my fandoms–strong, complex women characters.

  4. This exercise bike is a million years old, and if it was once adjustable isn’t anymore, and it’s adjusted for my mother, who is taller than me. But what the heck, it was free, and if I feed it enough batteries, it does what it’s supposed to.

    Most of the time.

  5. Except now, I have no excuse. I’ve been avoiding that contraption lately with stuff like, “I have to paint my whole kitchen ceiling tonight. That’s exercise!”

  6. Everyone else is having Spring (well, not down under). We had Spring back in March. Now summer is here. It will last a month, then the season generally known as “So you’ve always wanted to visit a hell dimension” will settle in.

  7. The only room in my house big enough for an exercise device is the living room, so that’s where the treadmill is. Which limits my entertaining to very understanding people, but what the heck. I’m finally getting some exercise while watching DVDs. Haven’t tried reading & walking yet, but that would probably work.

  8. My totalgym is making a fine clothes stand in my closet these days. I bought it when I was feeling particularly unfit, and then the enthusiasm wore off.
    Luckily for me, working out at the farm is even better than going to a gym, and it’s free! I’m feeling quite trim and fit these days.
    Reading while riding the exercise bike is a great idea! A twofer!

  9. I’ve always been a bit envious of your farm work, which I’m sure is strenuous and exhausting. But exercise that = “stuff that needs to get done anyway or serves another purpose” is my favorite kind of exercise. I always feel some sense of existential absurdity doing exercise on gym machines. “Where am I peddling to?”

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