Taxes and the Apocalypse

I’m doing a preliminary run-through of my taxes on Turbotax online this evening so I know all the stuff I’ll need to pull together for the CPA who is going to *actually* do them. So far, so good. With five different jobs and a nest egg gathering interest last year, I didn’t get nearly enough income tax taken out, but luckily, I have my mortgage interest and property tax deductions to save me. And the home sale and retirement account rollovers aren’t taxable and therefore a wash.

But I did not start this entry to talk about taxes! I actually sat down this evening (while tax-doing) to watch an episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles that wasn’t on tape or internet download.

I have been a Terminator movie series fan for a long time. I love the whole trilogy and am a humongous (surprise, surprise) Sarah+John mother-son ‘shipper. That, and the whole intrigue of Kyle Reese’s inadvertent role as father as well as protector hit so many of my buttons. Add the time travel, the destiny factor, and the heroics, and it’s kind of a natural for me.

Like so many stories I love, I used my imagination to fill in the blanks–that sort of mental fanfic you wrote before you ever heard of fanfic to tell what happened between scenes or between movies or in the apocalyptic future. I always liked to imagine what John and Kyle Reese’s relationship was like in the future before John sent Kyle back in time. I’m sure there’s probably actual Terminator movie fanfic out there people bothered to commit to pen, paper or pixels. But I think the new TV show is doing a good job of filling in those blanks, because it *can*. TV has that luxury.

*Really* excited to see where they take this Derek Reese stuff. Secrets and the revealing of secrets, another big story kink of mine.

On the other hand, the one thing the TV version isn’t doing as well as the films is spending time on the little details. The “apocalyptic nightmare world of the future” seemed rather clean and well-organized compared to the movie version, in a lot of ways. I’m not talking about the money the movie guys have to pay for heavy-duty special effects. What I mean is, you just don’t see the suffering and despair and destruction in the TV version you see in the movies. I don’t think this is endemic to movies vs. television. All they had to do was show more filthy, huddling people in raggedy clothing coughing, softly crying, and film a lot of stock shots of demolition zones decorated up with a few prop broken skeleton bits. Nothing too rated-R-ish.

I hope this show sticks around for a while. But if it doesn’t, it’s already been some good movie fanfic.

22 thoughts on “Taxes and the Apocalypse

  1. wow! They really stepped up the storyline in this episode. My mind is blown only because I’m partly confused between the Derek and Kyle Reese stuff.
    The way the episode was edited.. I’m so confused. Future BAG (Brian Austin Green) was in the shack with his brother or not? All the guys in the future have dishevelled looks, scratchy beards.. but I swear it looked like there was a Future BAG and a Future BAG with a thicker beard. Two BAGS? Was that his brother that was taken downstairs first or a different comrade?
    Like I said, I am so confused.

  2. My take on the future stuff was–they showed Derek Reese (BAG) get captured by the machines, branded with bar code, and while he is captured, he meets future Andy, the inventor of the Turk computer. Andy is older and bearded and feeling guilty about his contribution to the horrible future.
    Now remember, we saw young Andy get killed at the beginning of the episode, so there is a paradox here. Derek escapes the machines and returns to the camp where future John Connor and future Kyle Reese have discovered the time machine Skynet built to go back to the past.
    No one will tell future Derek where his brother Kyle has disappeared to, but he has in fact gone back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor. Then future John sends Derek and three others to 2007 for a different mission.
    While Derek is in 2007, he kills young Andy, perhaps at older Andy’s request. But of course he lies to 2007 Sarah about this, so now he has that secret from her.

  3. well you know how the internet works.. you find some photos of a celebrity and post some witty or witless comments and bam you are a comedian.
    I personally think the actor is a good fit as well, I liked him on Heroes too.

  4. On the SCC, had much the same reaction. I was surprised they were actually going to show us a bit of the Reese’s back story. And the actor they got to play Kyle Reese actually sort of resembles Michael Biehn (sp?) who played him in the first film.
    Am looking forward to the fourth film in the series, starring Christian Bale in the John Connor role – because I think we might actually see that meeting – between John Connor and Kyle Reese, which I’m incredibly curious about.

  5. Yes – Terminator Salvation – 2009
    Yep. It takes place after the third installment – in which the Apocalypse happens, with an older John Connor – played by Christian Bale. It’s suppose to premiere in 2009 and is filming now. It was amongst the few films not affected by the Writer’s Strike and has benefitted from the strike.
    The film is supposed to be part 1 of a new triology. They are rebooting the Terminator franchise with Christian Bale. Bale will play a 30 year old post-apocalypse Connor. So instead of the actor portraying the Terminator as the star, Arnie, the actor portraying Connor will be the star. The first film is entitled Terminator Salvation. And the series according to what
    I’ve read will focus on John Connor and finally give us the bits we’ve been waiting for.
    Here’s a few links:

  6. I actually like Jonathan Jackson, so I recognized him instantly. He was Lucky Spencer on General Hospital and played one of the immortal brothers in the movie version of Tuck Everlasting.
    Biehn had a butch edge to him that Jackson usually lacks in his roles. Maybe if we see more of him, he’ll play the role tougher.

  7. Re: Yes – Terminator Salvation – 2009
    Is Arnie going to be in the movie? How does work when you’re the governor?

  8. Oh, you’ve watched GH? I know. I adore him. Was my favorite Lucky by far. Also quite good in Tuck Everlasting – which I saw because he was in it.
    (I try not to admit I watch GH online, it is an admittedly guilty pleasure. πŸ˜‰ )
    I couldn’t tell if it was him or not. I kept looking for Jackson, and thought okay he must be Kyle, but couldn’t quite tell. You have better eyes than I do.
    Hmmm, yes, Biehn was a bit more butch than Jackson. Bigger. I could believe Biehn could fight off Arnie. Jackson always comes across as sort of scrawny and less butch, very young in his roles and boyish – less believable as an action hero, I’m afraid. Haven’t seen him in anything in a very long time. And he has the same name as the guy who was in Dawson’s Creek – so I’ll often think it is him and realize it’s the other guy.
    I guess they figured it didn’t matter – since we only saw him for a brief period. (I’ll be surprised if we get more of him, although I have hopes. I want to get more of that back story, but may have to wait until the fourth film to get it.)

  9. Re: Yes – Terminator Salvation – 2009
    No. According to one of the links, not sure it’s posted or not, it’s been confirmed now that he will not be in the film. (Probably due to the fact that he happens to be Governor of California as opposed to merely Mayor of Malibu.)
    Josh Brolin is rumored to be a Terminator. But the character that all the buzz is really about is a new one – who is more ambiguous, played by Sam Worthington. Who apparently has a huge affect on Connor.

  10. I wouldn’t imagine they’d hire a recognizable name and face like Jonathan Jackson to play Kyle Reese unless he was going to be back from time to time in flash-forwards. Or maybe even flashbacks to 1984, although the actress who plays Sarah Connor looks like she’s old enough to be Jonathan Jackson’s mother (which is sort of goes to figure since it’s years later now).
    Hmmm. Now I’m hankering to go watch the original movie.
    I watched soaps back in my grad school/professor days, which was all 1990’s. GH and OLTL were my favorites.

  11. Is he really that famous or recognizable? I don’t think he’s really been in much since GH. Amber Tamblyn has of course. But Jackson’s not really that recognizable – unless you watched GH. (Not that many people do. Soap opera actors don’t get much credit in Hollywood. SMG isn’t known for her role on All My Children, and Fillion was not known from OLTL. If they hadn’t done other things, they’d have disappeared. ) And Tuck Everlasting didn’t get much play, if I recall?
    Could be wrong. But no one mentioned him. The one who got all the fanfair was Brian Austen Green as Derek Reese.
    Yeah, also feel this odd desire to see the original film – which was groundbreaking in the horror/sci-fi genre. It was amongst the first films that featured a female heroine and an anti-hero in the Schwarzernegger character. I remember it being referenced heavily when I was in undergrad and having to watch it for a film class.

  12. I really think it got sold as testosterone action flick, when what it was, at its heart, was a romance, or certainly a film about the human element.
    It was both, really, which probably made it a good date flick. I don’t remember much about it when it first came out, because I dismissed it as a testosterone action flick.

  13. It got taught in school – because it sort jumped above that. It was actually the first film Arnie made that got him serious notice. Prior to that he wasn’t taken seriously. Also the first in which he played a villian or “anti-hero” role. You had the villian as the lead. The main character. That was different at the time.
    Prior to Terminator – Arnie had done Conan films. This broke him out.
    After that he got Total Recall and much better roles. It was also a break-out role for Linda Hamilton who up until then had been known for Beauty and the Beast.
    Unfortunately Biehn didn’t get much out of it.
    Terminator along with Bladerunner are still considered two of the best anti-hero films out there.

  14. I don’t really consider Arnie the main character of the film even though he’s its star and has first billing. Sarah Connor is the audience’s POV character, the “protagonist.”

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