What it’s all about (a guided tour)

Eight and a half years ago (Jan 1, 1999), I got arm-twisted by some friends at the Bronze Posting Board into creating a website for my thoughts on the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I called it “All Things Philosophical on BtVS.”

I got email. People wanted to talk to me (for some reason), and people wanted to talk to other visitors to the site. So seven years ago this Thursday (June 14th, 2000), I created a discussion board for the site.

Cool people came to the board. They had really cool thoughts* on the show, and on the spin-off, Angel. The board grew and grew. Small groups of ATPoers (or Existential Scoobies, as we sometimes called ourselves) who lived close to each other or were visiting towns where other ATPoers lived got together in person for food, laughs, and conversation.

And then, in 2003, the television show that brought us together was to come to an end. ladystarlightsj wrote me an email suggesting that perhaps we should all get together as a big group to celebrate the finale. We decided on a location: Vancouver, British Columbia, and a date (alas, not May 20th, 2003, but later that summer). ATPoers came from far and wide to that picturesque city. There was food! There was drink (spilled on the carpet)! There was singing! There were BtVS and Angel DVD-viewing sessions! There was much laughter and discussion and silliness.

It was so much fun, we decided to do it again the next year. We gathered in Chicago (2004)
We gathered in New York City (2005)
We gathered in Lake Tahoe (2006)

And this year, we are gathering in Toronto.

So you’ll understand if I’m excited!!1!

*It’s called discussion people, DISCUSSION. For some of us, that is the whole *point* of fandom. The term “meta” is a derogatory misnomer. Ptui! We shall speak of it no more!

10 thoughts on “What it’s all about (a guided tour)

  1. we shall not speak of it again
    You forgot the “ptui!” part. Otherwise it just does have the same effect. (/discussion)
    I think the thing last year proved is that a weekend isn’t enough. I’m glad people are already enjoying this year’s ‘meet’ and that it will go on for some time to come!
    Thanks to you Masq for yielding to the pressure to start both site and discussion board, and to LS and everyone else involved in making the meets a regular event.

  2. Yes, a special thanks to our annual tiara-wearers:
    2003: Lady Starlight
    2004: Rob
    2005: CJL
    2006: Sheri
    2007: Scroll
    Heroes one and all!

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