So to celebrate my recent change in job title, I bought myself DVD sets of the original Star Trek.

*OMG geeks*

OTOH? This show has a sexist offense every ten minutes. I’m timing them. Soon there will be a drinking game.

ETA: How annoying is it that the episodes are on the disks in their air date order, instead of the order they were intended to be shown in? We all know networks suck!!

27 thoughts on “Trek!

  1. This particular drinking game requires a more thoughtful, socio-political analysis of the show than others (like the “He’s dead Jim” game, for instance).
    Which means it gets progressively *less thoughtful* the longer the game goes on!

  2. this doesn’t surprise me given the time period. Let me know the drinking game. I gave them to mom for mother’s day. She and I can play along. I’ll mix up raspberry martini’s with Rose’s raspberry blue sugar water. We’ll pretend it’s romulan ale

  3. Drink when
    Everytime a guy in uniform comes onto a woman in uniform while they’re both on duty (or makes any sort of comment about her sexual availability or lack thereof), everytime Uhura or Yeoman Rand or another woman acts all silly and flighty when she’s supposed to doing her job, everytime someone out-and-out makes a comment about women “needing more social interaction”, “being more likely to be frightened”, yada yada yada.
    The fact that it was common at the time doesn’t mean it’s not wrong, or annoying. That’s why there was a feminist movement.

  4. I can’t watch that episode where that woman who wanted to be a captain took over Kirk’s body. It seriously makes me froth at the mouth with rage.
    Star Trek was actually pretty groundbreaking for its time in that they had a black woman on the ship *at all*. But yeah, it was incredibly sexist just the same.
    I mainly enjoy Star Trek TOS for the campyness factor. Oh and Spock. Spock rules.

  5. Re: Drink when
    that’s a doable game
    true but taking into consideration the show almost never went to the airwaves because Roddenberry wanted to have women officers on a bridge (though he lost the battle to have the first officer be a woman) i’m willing to overlook some of the remarks. its when you consider this show was a huge step forward in how women were treated that it gets really scary

  6. It was my first fandom when I was little. There was nothing else like it in the pre-Star Wars days, absolutely nothing. Of course, I was such a purist fan that I refused to watch Next Generation for two and a half years.

  7. It was my first fandom too. I had liked Star Wars but it wasn’t a big deal for me. I didn’t even like science fiction when I was young until my brother got me into Star Trek. I was around 12 at the time.

  8. Great moment: Sulu is whacked out and thinks he’s a swashbuckler. He grabs Uhura and says, “I’ll protect you, fair maiden!” She shoves him away and says, “Sorry, neither!”
    And Captain Kirk’s shirt doesn’t fit. It’s too short. He’s always tugging it down.

  9. He’d get heavier as the season progressed and he had less time to exercise. You know someone’s a Trekkie when they can tell the name of the episode by the size of Shatner’s waist.

  10. I’m about to watch the first series on DVD with my son. No drinking game for me, lol.
    Did you read David Gerrod’s books on Star Trek?

  11. If I did read them, it was decades ago.
    I read and bought more tie-in stuff with ST: TOS than I do now for more current shows I like.

  12. So a shirt long enough to fit would show his gut? He’s going for a “slightly flared hem” look instead.
    I’ve done that trick.

  13. Oh yes, because that was the only way we could feed the fandom fire. My oder brother got me hooked on Star Trek at 13 because he watched it all the time, and he already had the James Blish novelizations and the Gerrold books. Plus he must have had a book on the props, because I distinctly remember him making a phaser out of balsa wood from a plan on paper when we were little.

  14. Ep order
    You have to wonder how much the very first ep shown, the one with the salt-sucking shape-shifter (a bad ep), affected the future ratings of the whole show. I didn’t watch ST till it was in reruns because the reviews of the show were so blah. The intended (2nd) pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” with Sally Kellerman, is wierd compared to the continuity of rest of the show. But it’s a better ep.

  15. I still have a selection of the later tie-in novels on my book shelf. I consumed them with all the vigor that some read fanfic, until the day I realized they could be contradicted by new canon, and then I lost interest in them.

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