Writing update

May 20th? When did it become May 20th? I sort-of, kind-of finished the first draft of TD 208 on Friday, with a word count of 17,101. I’m waffling because, in going back to start the next draft, I realize I cut a lot of corners, especially towards the beginning of the episode. First drafts are, for me, like outlines are for other writers. It’s where I decide or, really, “discover” what the episode is going to be about. I have to do that with actual text/prose, not just the jotted notes of an outline, because there’s something about writing the *actual episode itself* with the dialogue and blocking and characters acting and interacting that enables me to get clear on what I’m supposed to write about.

Of course, I have a general idea what the plot is going to be before hand, but any given detail I might have in mind can fall apart for a variety of technical or artistic reasons when I start trying to fit all the pieces in place. This one has been a bitch to fit together. I’m trying to create slow building of an emotional crisis up to its climactic point in a convincing way.

The second draft will be longer as I continue to fill in details trying to get it all to work. I want to get this done before I leave for Toronto, but Darth Real Life might conspire against me!

9 thoughts on “Writing update

  1. If you ever needed more obscure sports-related details to flesh out Gunn characterization, you just let me know.
    Like for example, how Gunn’s favorite number is #44 because of Eric Davis. (who wore 44 in honor of Hank Aaron – and Gunn would know that)

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