Did The Dresden Files just pull an Evil Lesbian Cliche on me!?

Gawd. You’d think there was enough of that crap around that writers/producers would realize there’s nothing avant garde about it.

16 thoughts on “?!

  1. yes they did and worse it was totally out of the blue and utterly unnecessary. Like she needed an evil lesbian partner to be carrying out her ‘dead husband’ scams to collect insurance.
    and why resurrect him? (to give Bob angst?) why not just use the magic to make any man her’s and kill him and move on to the next man. Surely that has to be an easier and safer spell?
    and why does no one in the police dept think it’s ODD that they cremeated a body in under 6 hours? That’s just not normal. I think i was blinded by the sheer amount of WTH moments in this one

  2. Jim Butcher would never pull that bull shit.
    I feel violated. And I was just starting to warm up to this show!

  3. Oh good, a reason not to watch the episodes I taped. Bummer about them frakking up a potentially good show though. When did watching television become a chore?

  4. I guess I never looked at it that way so thanks for showing me that perspective of it. I usually get sick of always having the villian as bad guys and the fact that yeah this so called girl liked the other. Yet the other seemed to like guys or was under a spell herself that who’s to say she was really lesbian in the first place? Just not somebody to help the evil women in her scam of things just a decoy that she just so happened to like as well? I agree the cops are stupid but hey I think some of us can look around and question what the police are really doing and how they couldn’t figure that out earlier…. I never read the books so I just watch the show but knowing you ppl read the books and come into with a different eye it’s extremely interesting to read that’s for sure! Sorry just had to put my input too maybe it’s cus I’m sick and can’t talk lol.

  5. They probably thought they were being clever. When they changed the little old Asian lady who headed the Council into a hottie that slaps around Dresden, I gave up. This is more “24” than the Dresden Files, or even Angel. It’s an odd POV. They’ve made him into a slightly whiny victim who gets tortured a lot.

  6. That’s sort of my point. It’s so ubiquitous, how can it be clever? It’s like these writers never watch each other’s shows.

  7. It’s not that the creators haven’t a clue about how to do genre tv. The writers of the pilot were Hans Beimer (Star Trek TNG and DS9) and Robert Hewitt Wolfe (DS9 and Andromeda). It’s just that they decided to make their own Dresden Files, one I don’t like very much so far.

  8. at least I hope he wouldn’t. you know the last two shows have been huge disappointments. I think I’m still even more disappointed in the Bianca being a fuck buddy than I am in anything. Maybe if I hadn’t read the books I wouldn’t have minded
    I’ll be honest the evil lesbian thing didn’t even register with me probably because I almost missed the one kiss that even suggested they might be lesbians rather than partners in crime. Either way it was a bad episode all the way around.

  9. you know if we hadn’t read the books we wouldn’t have minded but we have and we know how much more INTERESTING Biance is (though I really really liked Thomas. emotional vampires are my favorite. Actually the Leannasidhe (like Godmother Lea) are emotional vampires. I know you don’t like fae stories but i’m looking forward to that one with her since I do.)

  10. “Summer Knight” was OK, just not my favorite of the books. And Thomas is an awesome character. I don’t know how far you’ve gotten so I won’t spoil you about him.

  11. i’ve only finished three (grave peril). that’s all my library has. and I need a break. No matter how much i like a character if i read all teh books in a series at once i get bored.
    but yes i adored Thomas. He’s the kind of wicked i like

  12. Yeah, just saw that on Netflix — I’d gotten a vibe even before the kiss, so I was expecting it — and immediately googled “dresden files evil lesbians” to see if anyone else noticed, found this.

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