The Dresden Files

The show is rather different from the books (no surprise there), and yet not different. Not so much that it’s disorienting, like new BSG was for me coming from old BSG. And not so much that I am not intrigued. Me watch.

19 thoughts on “The Dresden Files

  1. The mininova torrent you suggested was one I already tried, and it failed. I’ll try the other one, though, when I get home. Thanks.

  2. Hmm, I tried the mininova torrent, and the download started after a minute or so. I won’t try and dl the whole episode because I don’t follow the show but maybe if you try again you’ll be more successful. Why did it fail for you? Did it stop at some point?

  3. It gave me an instant error before it even started looking for peers/seeds. However, I got the other link you posted to work for me. It’s downloading right now.

  4. IIRC, this is the second time recently that you complained about the annoyance of watching TV on your computer. Have you looked into connecting your computer to your TV? Lots of folks are doing this these days.
    Your new TV may even have a PC type connector on it if it’s a flat-screen variety. If so, you might need a simple cable adapter to go from Mac video to standard PC video, or maybe Mac gave that up a while back– dunno.
    Can find out if you wish to investigate. (PC guys at the shop would know.)

  5. Oh, and one other thing. The thing I hate the most about watching TV on my computer is I can’t use my computer while I’m watching TV on it. How can I work on my computer if it’s over there across the room hooked up to the TV?

  6. Understood. Can you get me the model number of the computer and the make & model of the TV set? I’ll check into it. Basically all you should need is a cable and maybe a cable adapter, likely about $25-$30. All this assumes the TV has a video input intended for use with computers– which as I noted, many do now. If not, then it can get pricey.

  7. The computer doesn’t have to be physically next to the TV. You just need a long enough cable. Your computer should be able to multi-task the TV and your work at the same time.

  8. Oh, my computer *can* multi-task TV and work at the same time. But have you ever tried to juggle a small virtual TV screen, an open Word file, email, and an internet browser on a 14-inch screen? My *brain* can’t multitask that. I end up paying attention to one thing rather than another, and before you know it, the TV show is buried under a bunch of other stuff. It’s as if they decided to put TV screens on the surface of your desk or something. Nada!
    Shifting my eyes from the computer to a TV set across the room, though, I can do that like breathing. ; )

  9. At first I was disappointed that Dresden Files was going to be on a channel I can’t get…but now I’ve got so much work I think it’s just as well! Really don’t need 1 more thing to watch taking up my time. (My computer isn’t torrent-friendly. Gonna need a new one soon anyway…maybe then.)
    But I’m glad you found a good solution. Enjoy–hoping to catch up at some point.

  10. I have a Macintosh G4 iBook 14″
    The TV is a Panasonic PV-DF2035/PV-DF2735.
    Just make sure it’s a really long cable.

  11. So, dude, have you found out anything yet? The torrent files are starting to accumulate…is this something I can Radio Shack??

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