Aeon Flux

“Logan’s Run” for the 21st century. Rebel woman in a futuristic post-apocalyptic dystopia-masquerading-as-a-utopia* hooks up with an establishment man and together they bring down aforementioned dystopia (complete with futuristic police chase that ends up in a futuristic subway ride), and at the end, wander outside the city limits into the wilds of nature their carefully hermetic society rejected long ago.

Theron is definitely worth watching, and not just for the tight outfit. She’s good in the role, and did her gymnastics homework. Very interesting use of geometry in the cinemetography. The locations use in the movie were chosen for it, I suspect.

Rather than the death-at-30 (21) in Logan’s Run, this society survives by cloning, and this is where the movie gets annoying. It’s not the first sci-fi movie to assume that cloning is somehow making a copy of your “self” and that your clone is somehow magically going to have your memories (even in the ghost-like/nightmare way this movie shows them). I can’t remember the name of the other movie or TV show episode that assumed this. Anyone?

But it reflects the fear of cloning technology in our society (talking about 2005 here). Hello, cloning is just not that damned mysterious. Nature has been cloning us for millenia. They’re called twins, triplets, quadruplets. Your clone is just your twin sibling, years younger than you. Nothing mysterious about that, except for profound mystery that is nature itself.

Anyone besides me think the subtext between Aeon and her hot four-handed friend was actually text?

*winks at ninerva

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