New York pics!

I’ve set up a folder over at Existential Scoobies in the same place we keep Vancouver and Chicago pictures for NYC. If you want your pictures (or some of your pictures) uploaded there, just let me or ladystarlightsj or atpolittlebit know.

See my pics!:

Pictures of the SF mini-meet:

24 thoughts on “New York pics!

  1. Hey, not to be overly paranoid or anything, but can you flock this post? I don’t mind my photos being up on the site where other ATPOers can get at them, but I’d rather not have other LJers or random people visiting the Board to find them. Thanks, sorry to be such a weenie šŸ˜›

    (I even get rid of my icon with Rob, TCH, and myself. Too bad, cuz we really were cute in that one. Also? Feel free to tell me I’m being a weenie.)

  2. Nope, just forgot.

    ; )

    PS: there’s a pic of you and me in there you can show your mom so she can see “the crazy lady who runs the website”!

  3. Well, I didn’t bother showing my dad. Hee! Also, I told Mom that Masq had a PhD in Philosophy and my mom said, “Are you sure she’s not a crazy person?”

    Sometimes my mom has a sense of humour! Er, I think…

  4. My mom is ok with it. I told her about Masq’s Phd as well. lol. Masq, you give us legitimacy you know!!

    My sister just thinks it is all weird.

  5. small correction. That’s not a tomb. It’s a temple. It was one of the temples that would be destroyed during the Nile River Dam project. Since we contributed several million dollars, Egypt said “Pick a temple”. We did and that’s it.

  6. Hey, that’s a really good picture of the three of us! I don’t remember taking the solo one though. I look stoned or something, and all I had was iced tea! ;o)

  7. Great pictures, Masq! I like the couple of me, they are almost flattering..heh. If there are any of the ones I took that you want, feel free. I think the Masq/Axe would be a great icon..

  8. If there are any of the ones I took that you want, feel free.

    Already nabbed! Thanks.

    I think the Masq/Axe would be a great icon.

    is threatening me…..

  9. A friend of mine in sf fandom has a button that says, “In mundania, I’m short, fat, and weird. In fandom, I’m compact, cuddly, and interesting.” Your sister just doesn’t know what she’s missing.

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