Pimp pimp pimp

There are some cool, in-depth, and insightful analyses of my Connor spin-off virtual series The Destroyer in starryniteshade‘s LJ. Here are the links to his posts on the first three episodes:

Welcome to L.A.
By Design
Training Day

And as an added bonus, you get behind-the-scenes commentary by yours truly (just like if TD had DVD special features!)

9 thoughts on “Pimp pimp pimp

  1. Killing two birds with one stone
    1) Thanks for the promote – I got a new friend because of it.
    2) This post is no longer comment-less!!!!! So, you can’t do whatever it is that Americans do instead of whinge or whine.

  2. Re: How soon we forget
    Red. Always red. Nothing but the red.
    Although champagne is nice.
    So who friended you??

  3. Re: How soon we forget
    Well, I suppose I don’t know *for certain*, but I’m not aware that she reads TD. I’m sure she took an interest in your LJ because of your insightful thoughts on a variety of topics. ; )

  4. Oh, no doubt…:-)
    Speaking of which, I’ve added a long comment to ‘s “Damaged” review. Since it’s about souls and conscience, I thought, “Masq likes this stuff.”

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