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For Friday, October 29th, 2004

– It’s Halloween weekend in San Francisco. Which means much zaniness. O.K. much more zaniness. I totally should have worn my Gentleman Devil horns to work today.

– Today’s the day of the grand opening of the Safeway across the street from my work. I know this sounds trivial, but we’ve been out here in the nuovo boondocks for a year without basic services.

The ATPo virtual Angel: the Series Season 6 is premiering this Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific!

First Law

– And just in case there’s anyone on my flist who doesn’t already know, I’ve been guilty of committing fanfic since August. My post-NFA Connor spin-off virtual series can be found here:

The Destroyer

46 thoughts on “All the news that’s fit to print

  1. Fantastic news, Masq. This is going to be a great series. I’m very excited!
    I’m so glad you have finally made the announcement about “The Destroyer”. I shall pimp both it and Angel Season 6 to my friends everywhere.

  2. I like the art for the virtual series. Have fun. I’m spending Halloween in a psychic commune (okay I’m really here in Fl closing up the house but since I lived a block from the commune…)

  3. Relatively dry (as dry as anything in Fl gets) some mildew but not too bad. The house is ripe with it (I’m highly allergic to it. My allergist’s advice was to MOVE from FL) So I can’t breathe and I’m covered in hives but after three years of this,you’d think I’d be used to it. I also forgot how hot it is.

    And sine I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours I’mheading off to bed.

  4. Honey, you’re coming out in more than one way! ; )Mentioning TD in an entry and then that Kerry/ATS/BTVS color bar! I’ve been about to ask are you going to vote Kerry ; ). I think you Kerry voters have the support of the world behind you.

  5. You know what? There are some Kerry&Bush ads around here in Finland too! It’s something about some “shadowelections” online. I think it’s a bit too much… LOL

  6. I wish the world could vote in the election, since it effects all of us.

    PS Working on TD7 again. Hope to get it up by this afternoon.

  7. TD spoilers below!

    I’m having second thoughts about one of the bunnies I have–the one for episode 9. It’s supposed to get pretty deeply into Connor’s memories of Angel and Holtz, and I’m thinking it’s too soon to have him deal with those memories head on. I’d rather have Dru drag him into him into his past slowly and reluctantly, which I’m also planning on, but that leaves me bunny-less for episode 9.


  8. She also recently came out of a heterosexual marriage. I’m not putting a lot of hope in this one. It’s more… dating practice. ; )

  9. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Couldn’t he be remembering but not going really deep/facing actually anything? You could explore Aiden’s dad issues and have them as a parallel to Connor’s. Ep9 is after the desert trip. So there’s been some C&A interaction already so it could be a good time to deepen Aiden’s background. Maybe something happens to Aiden’s dad and AIden asks for C’s help and as C is nowadays well-adjusted he just can’t refuse plus he could also relate heavily to Aiden’s dad issues. (Just trying to push the bunnies here! LOL)

  10. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Thanks, I need the bunnies! Because the episode 9 that I *had* planned went really deep into the Connor-Holtz thing in particular, with flashbacks and the whole deal. And it’s just too soon for that.

    Problem is, it’s almost all written already. It was originally supposed to be episode 8, back when I was still posting this in your LJ.

    I’m feeling a bit dangly at the moment, because after I post ep 7, all my pre-written episodes will be posted and I’ll be back to writing from scratch. I have the new episode 8 all outlined (in my head, anyway), and a good idea about what will happen in ep 10, but now I’m 9-less.


  11. Re: TD spoilers below!

    I’ve thought about doing holiday episodes, but somehow they strike me as a bit festive and light-hearted and I want to keep a somewhat serious, action-oriented tone to the show. (And trying to do a dark, serious Halloween episde almost always comes out campy).

    I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing a more comedic episode, but I *suck* at comedy, except little dry one-liners.

  12. Re: TD spoilers below!

    I’m trying to snaek all the ethnic cliches to the shows, but it could have been something Dia de los muertos related ;D. Restless deads on a grave yard… (Don’t take me very seriously right now. I’m a little tired!)

  13. Re: TD spoilers below!

    No, you have wonderful ideas. Stuff I’d never think of. I’m fully versed in the mythology of BtVS and Angel, but my knowledge of interesting monsters and legends and stuff from other sources–from my own culture or any other–is really weak.

    Which is why so far we’ve had mostly vampires and stuff as nemesis-of-the-week.

    I need some interesting stand-alone ep ideas.

  14. Re: TD spoilers below!

    my knowledge of interesting monsters and legends and stuff from other sources–from my own culture or any other–is really weak. My knowledge of stuff is usually quite superficial. About el Dia de los muertos I know that the offering tables are prepared on the cemetaries for the dead relatives and they’re thought to visit and eat the food/drink the offered beverages. I was thinking of something along the lines of revengeful spirits. No idea how to turn that into a TD story however.

  15. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Actually, el Dia de los muertos was part of the legend behind the AtS episode, The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco. The part you mentioned here is reflected in Numero Cinco having a shrine to his brothers in his apartment, then taking it to their grave stone, where they finally appear to him.

    I would like a Connor in a graveyard type thing, though. I keep thinking of that scene from the ep “Calvary” where Connor and Gunn are digging up that demon skull.

  16. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Oh, I forgot about The tale of numero cinco! Anyhow, I’d love Connor in the graveyard :D. And btw, Calvary is the first ep where I saw Connor (and fell in love with him :P)!

  17. Re: TD spoilers below!

    He was such a *BRAT* in that episode!

    Isn’t that the one where he says, “I don’t give a flying sluk about what Wesley says!”

    Oh, no, that was the next ep – Salvage. That was a David Fury-penned line.

    You didn’t get to see Connor for the first time at the end of “The Price”?? Poor you! It’s really great to see things from the beginning. I was SO into the pregnant Darla story line, and then totally in love with the Angel+baby Connor relationship. And then Angel loses his infant son. I was heartbroken for him.

    And then the feral, angry teen Connor shows up, looking all VK-ish.

    I was a goner.

  18. Re: TD spoilers below!

    No, unfortunately, I didn’t see Vk COnnor for the first time in The Price. I had to be content on what eps I got ^_^. In Calvary he was presented in halfdarkness/light lightning. I thought “whoa, this is my boy. Walks in two worlds and knows the depth of the angst see” Sad and hurt and he went straight to my heart, lol.

  19. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Two worlds, darkness/light.

    But it’s all about teh AnGsT.

    Ep 9 needs lots of teh aNgsT!

  20. Re: TD spoilers below!

    The truth is, my muse works best when you send me bunnies. I just need a simple idea, like “Have an episode where Connor goes to the desert”, and my muse supplies the rest.

  21. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Hmm, this could be camp too, but still relating to the Ddlosmuertos them. I had these coming to live squeletons in mind. As they are the particular decoration of that day. Squeletons appearing to people, who have had unresolved issues with the dead. And that could somehow be paralleled o Connor as he has nresolved issues with the dead (is to say with his two dads). Connor would be visiting graveyards then ;D.

  22. Re: TD spoilers below!

    I’m thinking….

    I’m thinking ghosts… zombies… animated skeletons (could be scary if done right)…

    Walkin’ and talkin’ dead people is sort of a Buffyverse classic. Just need a Connorian twist on it that doesn’t push him too far into his memories yet.

  23. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Thanks. ; )

    So far, all I have are plot-kitties. Fickle, furry, and stand-offish. With claws.

  24. Re: TD spoilers below!

    Oh I’m sorry I forgot. Have lots of fun! I’m trying to turn in earlier than usual as I feel a little weird. Talk you again tomorrow :D. *HUGS*

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