Plot? Who needs a friggin’ plot?

Ganked from redredshoes

Plots are for wimps. Character is all.

You’re a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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Oh, and I don’t write fan fic. You knew that, right? Just checking.

2 thoughts on “Plot? Who needs a friggin’ plot?

  1. That was Old One’s big gripe about my novel, too much dialog! I’ll admit the plot was very long and drawn out. She hated the lead female character forever, too. But she seemed to like most everybody else in the book, just fine. ;o)
    Fanfic is okay. But, I’d much rather make up and use my own characters.

  2. Fanfic is okay. But, I’d much rather make up and use my own characters.
    I only mentioned it because the questions in the quiz seemed aimed at fan fic writers, which I suppose makes sense for Live Journal. But I prefer my own characters as well.
    I probably do over-do the dialogue. There was one question in the quiz which was something like, “What critiques do you get from people who read your stuff” and one of the possible replies was “It reads like a play, not like a story.” I had to mark that one because I got that criticism once. Too dialogue-heavy, not enough of the other stuff.
    I think I’ve gotten way past that stage (this particular critique was 4 years ago).
    I liked the quiz results mostly because my story is character-driven, and I prefer character-driven stuff to read/view as well. Not a plot or genre-plot kind of reader, and not that kind of writer, either.

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