Speaking of TV shows that died young…

This weekend I rented the first DVD of “Kindred: The Embraced“. I remember watching this show way back when and not caring for it much. I’m not sure what’s different now. Maybe my tastes are different. Maybe I see how this is not really a mobster show in vampire disguise like I thought last time, but a sociological study of what a vampire sub-culture might be like. Maybe it’s because I live in San Francisco now. Maybe it’s because I get to watch all the eps in a row and get more story before making up my mind. Maybe it’s because I have a better grasp of the vampire metaphysics of this particular universe this time around.

But I like this show. It’s pretty cool. And there are only eight episodes!!! (*sob*)

I noticed in the credits, though, that this was based on and produced by a guy who wrote for the “Vampire: the Masquerade” thingee. Was that ever in novelized form? I always thought it was just an RPG, and looking it up on amazon.com didn’t clear it up. Are they novels, or just rule books? ‘Cause I’d like a little more story, but I don’t want to spend my money on RPG rule books.

— Masquerade, who did NOT adopt her name because of this RPG.

9 thoughts on “Speaking of TV shows that died young…

  1. Vampire the Masquerade
    There’s a RPG and quite a few novels adapted from the RPG. In fact White Wold sued Sonic about Underworld for copyright infringement so as to back one of the writer of one of those novels. And no, I have’nt read much of those novels, which, as most novels adapted from rpgs, globablly suck. And not in the vampire way. Either way the RPG world is now over, so rejoyce ^_^

  2. Re: Vampire the Masquerade
    Definitly so. Unless you have an interrest for bad, geeky litterature. However, you definitly should read CS Friedman for interresting take at the vampire myth.

  3. Re: Vampire the Masquerade
    Do you have a specific title/book series name you can give me? C.S. Friedman has a lot of stuff, apparently. ; )

  4. Re: Vampire the Masquerade
    The ones I’m thinking about is the Coldfire trilogy (Black Sun Rising, Crown of Shadow, When True Night Falls) and the Season of Madness. They’re a weird mix of Science Fiction and fantasy, but Season has more SF, while Coldfire is more fantasy-ish. Coldfire is more about the themes of religion, redemption and a kick ass magic system, Season is overall about change and about different aliens’ way of dealing with it.
    They’re both excellent, are as all books by Friedman.

  5. Re: Vampire the Masquerade
    Well, stepping in
    Erciyes Fragments
    “True story” documents about the white wolf universe
    Also, there is the Coldfire Trilogy
    Black Sun Rising
    When True Night Falls
    Crown of Shadows
    Sort of science fiction/fantasy. Imagine a 1000 year old Angelus (on another planet) is off doing cruel things in his forest when a demon shows up and messes with him. In his own forest. In his own house. Well, he’s not the sort of evil fiend to put up with that and he decides that the demon needs to die, die, die. He ends up wandering around with the hero, who wants to save the world from this demon. Really messed up stuff ensues.
    The Madness Season
    Umm…hmmm…okay, incredibly innovative, but a bit difficult to describe. There are two main viewpoint characters. A vampire and an alien shape shifter. The story opens with the alien invaders, who have been occupying the earth for the last two hundred years, figuring out that the vampire is not quite human. A great deal of very intriguing plot ensues and has one of the more interesting reasons for the existence of vampires that I’ve encountered.
    And speaking of the Masquerade/White Wolf universe/Nancy tribe
    For a series of books, which is very much parallel to the White Wolf universe
    Try Nancy Collin’s Sonya Blue series.
    Sunglasses After Dark
    In the Blood
    Fade to Black
    A Dozen Black Roses
    Darkest Heart
    Dead Roses for a Blue Lady
    The first several books are very, very 80s, but in a tough female vampire vigilante sort of way.

  6. Thanks for all the recs!
    The first several books are very, very 80s, but in a tough female vampire vigilante sort of way.
    Sounds cool most of all….

  7. I’ve bought the Coldfire books
    Which is a little rare for me (I don’t read as much as I once did). I read the first one fairly quickly and got into the second one, was distracted and haven’t got back into it. It definitely more entertainment reading than anything deep, but that’s certainly good sometimes.

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