Way kewl

Ganked from jupitah, butofcourse

I’ll go along with this, considering the alternatives. After all, I am a little nervous nelly agnostic empiricist skating on the edge of nihilism. Well, f*** nihilism. Life is ultimately about billiards, beer and chicks.

You are David Hume.  You are the most famous empirical skeptic who has ever lived.  You single-handedly extended the doctrine of complete doubt to almost completely destroy philosophy.  Employi
You are David Hume. You single-handedly made monkeys out of guys with a lot more education and experience than you, making you the most famous empirical skeptic who has ever existed. You believed that all ideas were merely copies of sensations, and with this simple principle you almost destroyed all of philosophy, not to mention religion, ethics, and the basis of natural science. While you give us no assurances that we are justified in any of our most treasured beliefs, you never let these pain-in-the-ass views stop you from enjoying a beer and a good game of billiards at the end of the day.

Which philosopher are you?
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6 thoughts on “Way kewl

  1. Oh god, that was a little stereotypical, wasn’t it? I don’t play much pool any more, I can’t stand beer (I’ll take a nice Merlot, though), and the chicks… well, my love life could stand some improvement.
    I was just trying to embrace the present moment and experience and sensation with that statement… in a Humean kind of way.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t mean to make fun, but saw a opening and went for it. Mostly because you emphatically don’t write long winded rants about the cute chicks you met at the pool hall and drank lotsa beer with.
    Very Humean, no wonder he’s so popular.

  3. Well, I’ve always said we should embrace our Humean nature
    Wasn’t he the philosopher who said, “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die?” ; )

  4. Aren’t all the LJ quizzes like that?
    Plus the possible results to the quiz is a narrow, small group.

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