Sometimes I love this town

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s expensive. There’s never anywhere to park.

But in San Francisco, this is what the conservative mayoral candidate does when he gets into office.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes I love this town

  1. As for the less-than-giddy news…
    I’m waiting for the dust to settle. We will see what will happen in the coming months. We will see what Joss wants to try to do.
    ATPo will remain on-line, the board will remain on-line. Perhaps we will have a good old Irish wake in Chicago in July, celebrating our love for the show even if there is nothing else to celebrate.

  2. You’re being very rational
    I’m glad one of us is level-headed about all this. And you’re probably right that wait-and-see is the best policy. I’m not doing anything but making myself grumpy by dwelling on it as if it was carved in stone.
    I do want to go to Chicago in July, I just haven’t started thinking of what that will mean for costs and time. But I’ll probably be there 🙂 And I’ll drink the whiskey if that’s the tradition for wakes 😉

  3. If we bury him, will he rise again?
    Whiskey, tea and cakes. It sounds great.
    Well, it was great while it lasted. Five years is better than nothing, and with Whedon death is never the end.
    Long may our vampires rise.

  4. I always love this town!!
    It’s the god awful term “Only in San Francisco”. It’s true but I loathe to use it because it makes it seem like we’re all crackpots or extremists of some sort.
    I drove by City Hall at around noon and the line to get married was winding around the block. It awes me to know that people are flying from around the country to do this.
    On other topics, I’m sad but I’m also of the wait and see group. Joss always seems to have many things buzzing around his brain and I’m sure that he will be shopping something around.

  5. Did you read his quote at BronzeBeta?
    I’m of the “wait and see” group, too. But he sounded kinda bummed and finalistic in the BB quote (it’s quoted on the board).

  6. Re: Did you read his quote at BronzeBeta?
    Yeah, JW sounds totally bummed. I dunno maybe it’s me being all hopeful but I don’t think he’s going to be showing all his cards just yet. I can always hope that’s what it is. Because I can’t really wrap my brain around no more Joss stuff for this coming fall. I suppose I could finally get the dvd’s of Firefly, Angel S1 & 3, Buffy 6 and just go into denial come late September.

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