Has anyone seen my right brain?

I can’t seem to access it.

At the beginning of the month, I got back into the editing of my novel, and what I feared was a case of writer’s block turned out to be a necessary two months of focusing on other things, namely buying a house, moving, the holidays, and a brain vacation.

Now that I am back into it, however, I’m finding myself dissatisfied with my editing efforts. Part of the editing process is very left-brained: are the details in each chapter consistent with each other? Am I using too many adjectives? Does this section contribute anything to the plot? I do well with that.

Other parts are more intuitive. This is the stage where you actually really need to concentrate on making your writing sound pretty, and I am finding some bits I’m happy with, and lots of other bits that are totally bland sounding. Which is not a federal disaster, I just need to make them read in a more interesting way.

The problem is, the part of my brain that puts words together in interesting ways seems to be asleep. Or it’s back living in my old apartment. Or maybe I left it behind months and months ago but didn’t realize it because I was working out technical problems.

Where is my creativity, the part of me that comes up with novel catches of phrase, interesting details and complications, fresh perspectives on old material? Where is the part of me that takes mental leaps beyond the obvious?


note to self: I want to be aliera9916 when I grow up. Or I might just steal fresne‘s brain.

4 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my right brain?

  1. I’m sure your right brain is only taking a quick nap, charging itself up for all the work you’ve got planned for it! I’m not much of a right brain writer myself, though I’d like to be, so I can sympathise. You mentioned before that reading good books influence your own writing. Maybe a good book or some poetry will help jump-start your creativity?

  2. I actually had a similar thought…
    Maybe a good book or some poetry will help jump-start your creativity?
    That it might help to try to write some poetry.
    Although reading it sounds good, too. Anybody got some good poetry recommendations?

  3. My suggestions
    In honour of the icon I am trying to make:
    The Rubaiyat of Omaar Khayyam translated by Edward Fitzgerald at
    or my son’s favorite: Kubla Khan by Coleridge
    or as writer you can relate to this feeling:
    Anna Bradstreet – The Author to her book.
    poetry.com is pretty good. Quick searches too! Enjoy.

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