Tuesday morning

current film: Total Recall

I had this whole big butch blog entry planned out in which I was going to analyze the aspects of the American psyche that would lead it to put politically inexperienced actors in its top government positions, but since politics is boring, I’ve decided to just record that, other than going to work, my big plan for today is to vote.

Actually, my current film isn’t Total Recall. I watched that on Sunday and it inspired me to get out my voter’s guide and make out a little sheet to take to the voting booth with me. This morning’s film is actually Tron, which is a wonderful little allegorical cgi nugget that deals with the themes of religion, faith, power, and the coming of a messiah.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday morning

  1. The insomnia is back
    It started the same Wednesday night that the new Angel season started. Coincidence? I don’t know. Very, very aggravating, at any rate, since the late evening “sun therapy” I used last Spring isn’t going to work as the days gets shorter and shorter.
    Hopefully, it’s just temporary….
    I got the archives, btw. I’ll send you the remainder of Sept as soon as I download them (darned that Voynak)!

  2. I really oughta watch Tron again
    I haven’t seen Tron since I was a little kid… and all I can remember was that it was loud and the colors hurt my eyes.
    So thinking that it might be time to rewatch the sucker… try to get in touch with all the philosophical yumminess and what not.

  3. Re: I really oughta watch Tron again
    It comes across as a little dated now, but I remember at the time that there was some buzz about the computer-generated special effects. Now when I watch it, I don’t think much about the SFX (it ain’t no Bablyon 5), and just marvel at the humanistic/religious theme set in a purely technological world.

  4. Re: The insomnia is back
    Does the sun therapy really work?
    Who knows what happened? The insomnia started in February and I made a doctor’s appointment which ended up being in June. I was already following all their suggestions except exposing my eyes to sunlight late in the evening, which I started doing. The insomnia eventually went away some time around the middle of July.
    I’ve been waking up early all this week, earliest was 3 am, latest was 5 am. I took a knock-out pill on the 3 am morning, but today (4 am) I decided to just get up and do some stuff.
    The most I’ve been getting is about 5 hours of sleep a night, ’cause I’ve been staying up a bit later than usual reading HP (grin). Somehow going to bed later doesn’t make me wake up later. *sigh*

  5. Re: The insomnia is back
    Ahh that Harry, he’s hard to resist.
    I had two weeks like that before I crashed and burned. Not. pretty. Can you take a day or two and try to hit the bed early?
    Also, not to be dim. But what about some kind of sun lamp. And I’m sure I’m showing my ignorance, but what kind of light is it excatly that you need?

  6. Re: The insomnia is back
    The doctor said that if I had this problem in the winter, I should get a sun lamp. Which is actually more convenient than getting actual sun, because I don’t have to go outside (or cheat by throwing all the windows open and trying to read/watch tv/work on the computer with the sun in my eyes).
    So no, not a dim question. More a matter of me getting off my duff and getting the sun lamp. Will wait to see if the problem persists.
    On the HP issue, I have a few nights like this, and then my brain will put me to bed earlier quite naturally. But I’ll still wake up early, probably earlier (2 or 3 am for a 10 pm bedtime, 5 am for a midnight bedtime). It’s like my body is plotting against me!

  7. Who needs dissertations?
    I can explain it to you with one simple “equation”:
    Americans = Dumb.
    I refuse, however, to subscribe to the notion that Californians are more dumb (how’s that for a neogolism) than Americans. Those fools in the rest of the US would do the same thing… I think.

  8. Re: Who needs dissertations?
    Didn’t they vote for a pro Wrestler in Michigan or Minnesota or one of those “M” states?
    And heck, the whole nation put Reagan into office.
    It’s the TV generation, it’s all about style over substance, with the puppeteers leading from the shadows….

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