I’m in the Big Time!

According to Google, one of the top 25 Buffy websites, at least this month:


Which is funny, ’cause I’m having a pretty slow month, traffic-wise.

10 thoughts on “I’m in the Big Time!

  1. Re: Congratulations
    Well, considering that these are domains, not websites, that that one domain can have multiple popular websites (like chosentwo.com does), I’m doing pretty good. All I have on my domain is my humble site and the board archives.
    But slayage.tv beating me??? Hmmmph. Don’t believe it for a second!

  2. I meant to mention today that you and Arethustra were quoted in an essay I was reading last night. You’re pretty pervasive, Masq.
    (Ironically, the essay was on Spike.)

  3. Where was this essay? Do you have the URL?
    I have a hit-counter on my home page that allows me to trace the websites that link to me. You would not believe the number of Spike/James Marsters sites that have me among their links.
    I see that, and I think I must be doing a passable job of keeping my boredom with Spike out of my analyses. Because when I’m writing them, doing the Spike bits is always hard work. It’s like, “God, do I have to do a paragraph on him?”

  4. Re: Where was this essay? Do you have the URL?
    No I haven’t seen that before. And I see the poster Rhys also got some quotage.
    Interesting thoughts on “the interactive text”, authorial intent, fan reaction, etc.

  5. I don’t know what it is…
    But I don’t enjoy reading much academic Buffy analysis despite the fact that I write it. I guess it’s like reading any fan opinion, however well articulated. If it’s about aspects of the show that don’t interest me, if it criticizes or misinterprets characters I like, I don’t bother reading it.
    Which, given the idiosycracies of my taste, means I don’t read much.

  6. Re: I don’t know what it is…
    I can see where you wouldn’t being an essayist. I’m on the opposite edge but also, reading is one of my addictions like chocolate and coffee.
    Even then, I’ll go in waves of it by topic… it’s more likely that I’ll do something like down load everything on the site… which I did with ATPO 03/02, and then read very intensively for a while, and then usually I need to explore something else.
    What kept me at ATPO in 2002 was the variety and excellence of the posting, and the nice people of course. But, the calibre of posting easily reaches the academic level at certain times.
    After the 2003 finales though, I was really ready for a long breather. So, I’ve only just gotten back into it this week, and only lightly. I also have to get off my arse and get a new VCR before Wednesday. I get these weird mental blocks about not buying things until I absolutely have too!

  7. Oh God! Wednesday!
    Didn’t realize it was next week!
    Hmm, got get back on the Buffyverse grindstone and stop writing the Harry Potter essays…

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