My writing personality

Ganked from bohemianspirit

You’re a PANTSER! A pantser writes without forethought to where the plot is going–sort of by the seat of her pants method. Youre a free spirited, creative person. You write with passion about what inspires you at the moment, and you probably have a strong voice. Dont worry about writers block–youve a different story. Youve got more story seeds than a hive has bees. When you write, its in disjointed segments. You may write sequentially or in flashes of inspiration, where you connect all your flashes later. People might say you ramble a bit in your work. Your revision process might take several passes, because you really have to whip that first draft into a more marketable shape. Youre novels either hit it big or miss. Theres no in between. Readers either love you, or hate you. Learn to channel that creative energy into a masterpiece and well be seeing your name on the NYT Lists!

Find Your Writing Personality!!
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Why is it that whenever I take one of these quizzes, I always get the exact same results as who ever I ganked it from? I don’t even post half my quiz results, because I get suspicious that the quizzes are rigged to give one result more often than others.

At any rate, this result seems true. I can’t outline a story before hand. And most of my stories write themselves in moments of inspiration (usually in the shower, where I can’t write them down). Actually no–my characters are the ones who write my stories. It’s like a dozen crazed elves in my head all speaking at once. The main character is the one who shouts the loudest.

I am a creature of habit about where I write most of the time (my blue recliner) and when I write (every moment that isn’t taken with work or friends or sleep). And I usually have ideas for other stories in the back of my head, but I get pretty intensely into the one I’m writing and don’t come up for air until it’s done.

I haven’t come up for air in seven years. ; )

Ganked from gehayi

My journal says I’m 58% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

I got similar results from the MMPI (Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Index). Very androgynous, except the MMPI tipped me just a bit on the feminine side instead of the masculine side. Of course, I took that in college 20 years ago. I guess the older I get, the more the adolescent boy comes out in me. ; )

6 thoughts on “My writing personality

  1. That gender tool scored me female. Based upon poll results, it doesn’t seem all that accurate.
    But again, I’m on the nitpicky side with these polls and tools. I guess that’s what those Regression and Program Analysis courses in grad school will do to a guy. Lies, damn lies, and statistics, and all that…

  2. More amusing than “guess my weight” or “guess my age”
    I threw a bunch of my writing, from my website (which is very analytical), from my LJ (which is much more personal), and other sources into the gender-guessing tool that this quiz was based on. I was almost consistently ranked as female, so this result is somewhat anomalous.
    Based on the poll results, it almost seems consistently wrong. Which is interesting, because if it were truly worthless, it would be right and wrong about the same percentage of the time.

  3. Re: More amusing than “guess my weight” or “guess my age”
    because if it were truly worthless, it would be right and wrong about the same percentage of the time
    Yeah. It almost makes me want to start charting the data… Are there any subsets of the “population” it’s more or less error prone with, and what’s with the methodology that analysis would yield all those errors.
    There’s probably quite a lot of spuriousness that could be weeded out with more demographic questions. But, in the end, I can’t bring myself to care enough about the tool to refine it pro bono.

  4. Re: More amusing than “guess my weight” or “guess my age”
    But, in the end, I can’t bring myself to care enough about the tool to refine it pro bono.
    I’m with you on that. Some people seemed obsessed with gender differences, and finding new ones. I’m much more into individuality.

  5. We got the same results, we must be twins
    Or almost any way. I got 53% male and when I did individual things earlier, I always scored female. I think the difference is when I chose the entries, there probably was some method to my maddness. I chose things that I really worked hard on or that had resonated with me.
    As for my writing personality, I got the same thing you did, but for my current book, I wrote the last chapter first and the whole purpose of writing it is to direct the plot to that specific end. I used to tend to write as the description says, but I am finding I like writing with the end in mind better.
    I start with a flash of inspiration, but don’t start writing fiction until I see where that is heading. I’ll use active imagination to find this, but before I put one word to paper or electrons, I have the whole story worked out. I even have things that I will need for one book worked out so I can put it in the preceding book. I come up with ideas and whole new universes through inspiration. I write with the goal of making them workable and joining things with reoccuring symbols and such. I love watching my creation unfold.

  6. Re: We got the same results, we must be twins
    There’s probably some intelligence in writing the end first. When you start at the beginning and plow forward, not knowing where you’re going, sometimes you don’t know when or how to end it.
    Plus you can write a gazillion endings, and have them be all over the place thematically ’cause you don’t know what your theme is or what the point of your novel is.
    Of course, that’s part of the fun, discovering the answer to the “Why the hell am I writing this?” question.
    But you leave yourself open to very lame endings, or at least, very weak climaxes before the end. Once I figured out I wanted my character to learn and grow by the end of the book, I didn’t know exactly how to do it, and it came out pretty badly the first few times I wrote it.
    I had to go back and basically rewrite everything with the ending in mind. Which is a lot more writing than you are bound to do with your “ending first” approach.

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