OK, this is making me a little ticked….

Items Ordered :

1 of: Harry Potter Adult Edition Box Set: Four Volumes in Paperback [Paperback]
   By: J.K. Rowling

Order Placed: 14 July 2003 at 20:52 BST    

     – Availability: Usually dispatched within 7 to 10 days

Dispatch estimate: Aug 6, 2003 – Aug 20, 2003
Delivery estimate: Aug 13, 2003 – Aug 29, 2003

OK, so first of all, they didn’t dispatch within 7 to 10 days. And second of all, their actual dispatch estimate range has been ticking away for six days now, and they still haven’t dispatched my books.

In the mean time, I’ve run out of things to read because I finished the Lioness series and just could not get through “American Gods”. So it’s back to the library for me. I can’t even check out Harry Potter there because the English language editions are always checked out. I could reserve them, I suppose, but this is something I’d rather have on my shelf. I’m sure amazon.com has the US versions, but ewww.

And so I wait. By the time I get the first four books, “Order of the Phoenix” should be out in paperback, and will look nifty on the shelf next to its companions.

12 thoughts on “OK, this is making me a little ticked….

  1. Re: isn’t that frustrating?
    It’s really slow. It’s slowed down by a lot of gratuitous violence and rudeness between the characters, and disturbing sexual descriptions.
    I’m sure all this is vital to the plot, but I have no patience for waiting for its relevance to be revealed.

  2. Hey!
    Haven’t chatted with you in a few days. How’s everything? Everything here is pretty uneventful (mostly in the good way). Except for this humongous fly that is buzzing around my desk here at work.
    How’d that get in here?

  3. I can post you the first four books (the Bloomsbury editions, paperbacks for the first three, hardcover for Goblet) if you’ll promise to send them back (and only if you promise not to break the spines). First, however, I must wrench them from the greedy little hands of my mother.
    Let me know if you’re interested.

  4. Well, mine should be dispatched anyday now…
    But if they don’t come by the last day they are promising “dispatch”, I’ll get back to you!

  5. Re: That Icon
    Oh, I’m sorry dub. I searched high and low for “Terminator” pics that had anything but Arnie in them. I think I did a yahoo search on “Terminator: Judgment Day pictures” or “screenshots” or somthing like that and poured over dozens of websights.
    It might have been the official Terminator 2 website, but I don’t recall. At any rate, I’d have to do another search just to bring up the URL of any of the sites I visited.
    I did down load a few pics, if you want to see them
    By the way, I love YOUR icon!

  6. Re: That Icon
    Google Image search? D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that? I even found one already animated, although I had to take out about 1/3 of the frames to conform to the 40K limit. As always, you are an inspiration to me, Masq! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And thanks for noticing the Wisewoman at Work icon. I loved making it, but then I thought it might be confusing at such a small size. ;o)

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