Regarding Henry

current snackfood: Tortilla chips for breakfast

I’ve been cleaning out the movie cabinet lately, trying to get rid of the large volume of video tapes I own. Making some tough decisions about what to keep and what must go. Some of the movies are easy–definite keepers. Others must be watched again before I reach a verdict.

Synoposis: Rich jerk gets a personality-dectomy from a handgun.

Analysis: The moral message of this movie (“don’t be a rich jerk”) is delivered with an anvil. Everybody loves nicer but mentally deficient Henry. And Harrison Ford, while one of my favorite actors, doesn’t do incompetent well. The mean, morally deficient Henry is a more convincing acting job. Harrison Ford should stick to earnest heroes, rogues, and bastard lawyers.

Verdict: I will keep this movie in my collection because I’m fascinated by the effect brain damage can have on the personality (any one else out there an Oliver Sacks fan?), and because I love seeing rich jerks taken down a peg.

PS: My Highlander Season 2 DVDs arrived today! I am one happy TV ho. My credit card, however, is being punished for it.

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