Yet more results in my spiritual/ethical journey

9 Jul

Results not surprising to me. Again, the appeal of New-agey ideas like pantheism. Agnosticism towards the top. This gets at some of my discomfort with Secular Humanism. Buddhism, Zen, all that stuff in the middle. Atheism, Rand, and Relativism bite the dust!

#1 Scientific Pantheism
#2 Taoism
#3 Agnostic Church
#4 Pantheism
#5 Atheistic Paganism
#6 Secular Humanism
#7 Deism
#8 Theraveda Buddhism
#9 Rationalism
#10 Unitarian Universalism
#11 Zen Atheism
#12 Ethical Culture
#13 Transhumanism
#14 Atheism a la American Atheists
#15 Freethought, Church of
#16 Confucianism
#17 Randaism (Objectivism)
#18 Relativism, moral/cultural

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