This just in…

I just got a video tape in the mail from the ATPo poster gds. Apparently there is this cable channel called “TechTV” and they have a show called “Screen Savers” about internet sites, etc. Anyway, last week’s show featured BtVS websites, and mine was one of them. My website was on TV! Of course, they did not tell me this would happen before hand. I heard about it from people on the board after the fact.

I don’t have techTV so gds sent me a video tape of the show. Now I’ll have to watch it when I get home… I’m all nervous!


OK, I saw the show “Screen savers” and can I say just how *geeky* that show is? Two total nerd middle-aged guys with pot-bellies standing around drinking coffee and arguing about LINUX and Terminator III. I sit through that for 28 minutes and then they pass the spot light to this woman, Heather, who is a Buffy fan who will show off a couple websites. The first one is mine. Ah!!! My site is so non-photogenic on television! Plus my heart was in my stomach the whole time. She showed off the metaphysics page and the Philosophies Represented page.

They pause briefly to discuss how Buffy is “like religion to some people” (and by implication, *me*), and then Heather starts showing this other site, the Buffy dialogue database, but she doesn’t introduce it by name first the way she did my site, she just says, “this site has blah blah…” so it makes it appear as if *my* site has this dialogue database.

This lasts about two minutes, but my hits on my website doubled the day this show aired and the next day as well, so that’s cool. And now I have it on tape and I can show it to Mommy and Daddy at the next family gathering….

7 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Oooh, Masq, I was reading Tensai, the Spoiler Slayer’s site when he mentioned that this programme would be on, and that it would mention the best sites. I admit my first thought was “I wonder if Masq will get a mention!”. Very pleased to find out that you did!!

  2. Well, from what I see on the website of TechTV, they didn’t mention most of the “best sites” I know of, so I don’t think it was really a matter of the “best sites” so much as the producer’s favorite sites.
    Glad to know I’m one of those : )

  3. I taped it at ::gasp:: 5:00 AM the morning after the evening it ran. Just in case no one else did and you still needed a tape. I’m’ not going to spoil it for you (and you may have already seen it – I’ ve been offline for a couple of days), but, let’s just say I was very happy for you. And no one deserves it more!

  4. Congrats, Masq! Nice to see you getting your due! Um, I didn’t see the TechTV thing either. I don’t suppose you would mind doing a tiny write-up of what they said about ATPo? Just so I can get an idea of what they liked about it…

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