Just saving the world…I think

Finally got done season 2 of “Lost” last night and can start watching my season 3 tapes and get caught up with everyone else.

Damn, this show is written by Whacked Existentialists smoking of the crack, no? I love it. Just when you think it can’t get more Absurd and Meaningless*, they throw a little reality at you just to keep you running the hamster wheel.

This is just gonna be how it is with me and TV, I think. I can’t be bothered trolling through all the new shows waiting to see what’s worth watching and what isn’t going to be cancelled. I’ll just let all of *you* do that, make recs, then catch the good ones on DVD a year later. ‘Cause of course I have to watch a show from the beginning and in proper order. Seeing a story unfold the way it was intended is Important.

I get caught up eventually, assuming I remember to set my VCR.

*Totally Existentialist technical terms, not criticisms.

ETA: watched the opening scene of season 3, ep 1. Forgot to add above that this show also threads in a healthy dose of Surrealism as well. Fun, fun!