The Library of Forever

Graduate school dropout Tricia Segawa is drifting in life when she is recruited to be the next lone caretaker of a mysterious alien library. The Library’s singular purpose: to preserve and grow a vast collection of literature, histories, and records from intelligences scattered across the galaxy. Tricia’s job? To track down and salvage a very specific list of works.

Who chose her to be librarian and set this mission? Who built this ancient explorer? Why has the rest of the galaxy seemed to have forgotten the Library exists? Tricia has more questions than answers, but she senses in the Library’s ancient central processing core something more than just a data analysis and information storage machine.

With the Library’s blessing, and with the aid of a giant insectoid stowaway and a cadre of robot aides, Tricia’s first act is to announce the Library’s existence to anyone who’s listening, and open access to its vast collection. Because for all that she doesn’t know, it becomes quickly obvious that millions of years ago, the Library had legions of librarians and visitors, and passed from society to society again and again, until someone hid its light from the galaxy.

She soon discovers why.

The Library is once again flocked to by patrons and scholars, VIPs and thieves. Some see it as a glory. Others see it as a threat. The Library is nearly incinerated. Powerful interests attempt to usurp it. The Library, Tricia realizes, is a treasure chest, a bridge, Pandora’s Box, Eve’s apple, and the galaxy’s memory of itself, irreplaceable.

Believing the Library’s murky past holds the key to safely hiding it again from saboteurs, Tricia races to complete her search for the works on her list and to uncover the truth about the Library’s origins. Her quest will take her on an awe-inspiring adventure through the complex, danger-filled, and wondrous Milky Way galaxy.

Come on along for the ride on…

The Library of Forever

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